Debating Jesus and Muhammad (Albrecht vs. Hussain)

Dr. Musharraf Hussain (Muslim) and William Albrecht (Catholic) debate the morality of Christianity vs. Islam on the Reason and Theology show with host Michael Lofton.

Dr. Musharraf Hussain is an accomplished Islamic scholar, debater, educator, author, and scientist. He is also the translator of the highly acclaimed new fresh English translation of the Quran, the Majestic Quran. He also runs the Karimia Institute and is one of the foremost figures in Islamic theology. You can learn more about him in detail and of his work at:

William Albrecht is a Catholic apologist and accomplished debater, having participated in over 50 live and moderated debates. He has appeared on several radio platforms, including EWTN. He is the author of two upcoming books due to be released in early 2020. He also runs the website




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