On the Pontificate of Pope Judas Iscariot

It has been three weeks since Pope Judas Iscariot was elevated to the throne of the Apostle Peter in Rome. His pontificate has caused no little controversy since the release of his Motu Proprio circumveniamus ergo iustum, the opening words of the document, which quote Wisdom 2:12. Some of the more controversial highlights of the document include doctrinally affirming abortion is “not the ideal”, yet allowing the practice that churches may open abortion clinics to “accompany women who do not want their children” by performing abortion services while they are “weak in their faith journey.”

While a minority of Catholics are outraged, the majority seemed to be pleased with the new approach the church has taken in this matter. One layperson and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Care for Environment Catholic Church was quoted to have said: “I think this is a positive change, after all, these women are going to have an abortion anyway. So, we might as well provide them with an opportunity to go through this experience in the loving arms of the church.”

One popular Catholic apologetics ministry was quoted to have said, “We have to keep in mind that this is not a doctrinal change. Pope Judas explicitly affirms the immorality of abortion but simply says the practice should be changed to better assist these bruised souls and provide them with a loving encounter with Jesus as they go through a very difficult situation. Again, the doctrine has not changed, it is simply the practice that is being changed.”

A prominent priest and apologist in the Catholic community tweeted. “People, the church is still the church and it has waded through difficult waters in the past. Remember the Arian controversy? This is nothing new, so calm down!”

The Motu Proprio also caused some controversy for opening the door to ecclesial blessings of same-sex unions. The document states, “From a doctrinal standpoint, we affirm same-sex acts are not ideal, but in our pastoral ministry we must journey with these individuals who experience this kind of attraction and show, in a concrete way, that we are here to accompany them through the struggles of life. This may be done through ecclesial blessings of same-sex unions at the discretion of each local conference of bishops.”

A spokesman for a notable conference of Catholic bishops stated, “What a breath of fresh air! This new wind of the Holy Spirit is creating a new Pentecost in the church! We already have ways to implement this new pastoral approach for the marginalized in our community and are getting ready to enact these ways soon!”

It is speculated that Pope Judas will issue a new document allowing all people from every religion to receive Holy Communion, as fragments of the document have been leaked which state, “It has already been established that people from other religions may, through invincible ignorance, the theological virtues and a sincere disposition to obey God and one’s conscience, be united to the church in a mystical way. Therefore, to celebrate this union we have with the rest of the world’s religions, we are providing a pastoral approach that will recognize our unity in one body and consequently our ability to share from the one cup of Christ.”

judaThe document is speculated to be released on the anniversary of Saint John Paul II’s Assisi interreligious peace meeting.

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