Fr. Feelgood Receives Another Letter

Dear Fr. Feelgood,

I really enjoyed your homily last Sunday, well-done! The thrust of your message was spot-on, as you demonstrated Jesus was a bridge builder when he reached out to the Samaritan woman. This was such a timely message and I was ecstatic to hear such open-mindedness in this age of intolerance. If I may, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about Jesus, which you are welcome to use in your next homily. I hope you find them to be beneficial.

When we observe the life of Jesus, we see he engaged others in a spirit of dialogue, especially the Pharisees. He always accompanied them and shared his feelings of love and mercy. In fact, there was never a time he did not journey with the marginalized or share his experience of encounter with the Father, as his heart was filled with tolerance. Jesus always looked for new paths of accompaniment and helped the outcasts of society recognize their value, as we see with the Samaritan woman. In a very real sense, he looked for ways to integrate equality and meaningful dialogue when engaging the leaders of the community. He celebrated diversity and empowered the refugees of his day. Never did he focus on non-essential differences but was always oriented towards what would build up the faith community. Additionally, he provided a gathering space for the poor and provided them with a relevant experience of active participation in faith, worship and communion, as we see he did with the apostles. His apostolic witness, testifying to the Fathers love for mankind, radiated brightly, even through his physical appearance, on the Mount of Transfiguration. This is an excellent example of how we too should be radiant witnesses of charity in our demeanor. It is my sincere hope, that we will accompany each other in this faith experience, so the spirit will be sent down on us like the dewfall and we may become the body of Christ.


Sister Hugs

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