The Greatest Evil in History is Here

On a daily basis, I hear people decry the evils of the holocaust, chattel slavery and maybe even the mass killings by communist governments since the early 20th century. As evil as these things were, and as much as they should be denounced, the fact is, many people who abhor these things are guilty of much worse. What do I mean? Consider this, the holocaust resulted in roughly 11 million bodies in less than a decade, up to 60 million over the course of 400 years, as a result of the Atlantic slave trade and as much as 110 million from mass killings by communist governments in an entire century.[1]  However, the butchering of innocent infants in their mother’s wombs has amounted to a grand total of 1.52 billion deaths in the last 40 years!

Let that sink in for a moment. It is indisputable that abortion has resulted in many more deaths than the holocaust, the Atlantic slave trade and communism combined! This is most certainly the greatest evil history has ever faced and it is an evil we are mostly silent about.

What is the hypocrisy to which I alluded earlier? If it is not obvious by now, it is that many who abhor the holocaust or the slave trade are silent about abortion. Upon what basis are they able to say Hitler’s racial genocide is immoral when abortion was intended by many to be a way of eliminating African Americans from American society? Upon what basis are they able to say slavery was immoral when abortion has devastated roughly 1/2 African American pregnancies. How can the issues of the holocaust and slavery be denounced unless there is an even greater vehemence and outrage over abortion?

Some might ask how I, as a white male, could speak about the horrors of slavery or abortion. One reason is that all humans have a right and duty to speak against injustice. Another reason is my children are part of the African American, Afro-Caribbean and even the Hispanic communities, so matters that pertain to those communities are important to me. However, my first child is part of the African American abortion statistic. As a father who did not want his child to be aborted, fought for their right to live and who still deals with the emotional scars from that event 14 years ago, I have every duty to decry this plague on humanity!

Here is an even more inconvenient truth that will probably offend anyone who has not already been offended by what I’ve written. In Biblical history, God always judged nations who were unjust to the innocent. How did he do so? Usually, it was was in the form of captivity to foreign nations, famine or disease. If the God of the Bible is true, then we deserve God’s judgment and should not be surprised when it comes.

Is there anything the righteous can do or is it too late? Who knows the judgment of God and what he has decreed from the beginning of time, however, we do know that God has historically used repentance and prayer as means to turn away his judgment. If there is anything we can do today, it is pray and repent of the sin of abortion. What is repentance? It means to stop supporting or committing the sin and turn the other way! These are the only means to dissuade the hand of judgment because the sad truth is, if we will not live justly, God will bring justice upon us.

[1] Please note, these are only estimates and are open to debate since there are many variables in such discussions. However, I’ve provided the most liberal estimates in order to show that even the highest figures involved pale in comparison to abortion.


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