Fr. David Sherry on the Society of Saint Pius X

#catholic #sspx #lefebvre SSPX priest Fr. David Sherry speaks with R&T about the SSPX. Discussion topics will include the following:

1. What is the SSPX

2. Who was Lefebvre

3. Was he guilty of a schismatic act when he ordained 4 bishops or was it necessary due to a state of emergency?

4. Does the Vatican allow Catholics to attend SSPX masses to fulfill their sunday obligation?

5. Is the status of the SSPX currently canonically irregular or schismatic?

6. Will there be an agreement with the Vatican soon, in your estimation?

7. What are some of the problems with Vatican II?

8.  Is the Novus Ordo valid?

9. What should a Catholic do if an SSPX chapel is not available near them?

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