Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Comments on Fratelli Tutti Examined

Is Fratelli Tutti an encyclical? Does Dr. Taylor Marshall believe it is not part of the Magisterium? These two questions will be explored by Michael Lofton.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Comments on Fratelli Tutti Examined

  1. Edwin

    So, as a rome catholic follower, is this encyclical part of the right/true teachings? kindly explain to me since Taylor Marshall and Michael Voris said that this encyclical was wrong. I don’t fully understand the reason why Taylor and Michael reject this document.

  2. Edith Batalla

    Thanks for this article. In Dr. Marshall’s video about Fratelli Tutti he said the pope mentioned Jesus only 2 times. When I got to the part about the Good Samaritan, Jesus was mentioned many times! I’m now in doubt about Dr. Marshall’s sincerity. I also don’t like his statements about FT not being an encyclical.

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