A Dialogue Between Constantine and a Modern Orthodox by Michael Lofton

Constantine: I am summoning you to a council where many bishops of the ecumene will be present to discuss the teachings of the presbyter Arius.

A Modern Orthodox: A council? Why would we need to have one of those?

Constantine: Because we need to have stability in my empire and the followers of Arius are teaching one thing and many other bishops are teaching another.

AMO: I’m confused, why do you think a council is needed to answer this question?

Constantine: When the Apostles had a dispute, did they not assemble in a council to determine what was good to them and the Holy Spirit?

AMO: You are mistaken in thinking truth can be known by councils or disputations.

Constantine: How am I mistaken? Having disputations in a council is apostolic in origin, and since the apostles believed the Holy Spirit protected their conciliar decision, we can be assured he does the same today.

AMO: Why do you assume everything has to make sense and that there has to be a uniform answer?

Constantine: Because we serve the God of truth, and truth cannot be contradictory.

AMO: Stop trying to get everything figured out in your small rational mind and just trust it all makes sense to God.

Constantine: So, your recommendation is that we should not hold a council but should give ourselves over to doctrinal chaos concerning the divinity of Christ?

AMO: I’m simply saying we don’t need a rational answer and should be more occupied with prayer and fasting.

Constantine: So, in your mind, we can’t engage in rational discourse to arrive at the truth AND pray and fast?

AMO: See, there you go again trying to have everything figured out rationally. Stop trying to make sense of what I said and just pray.

Constantine: …

NOTE: The modern Orthodox in this fictitious dialogue does not represent all Eastern Orthodox.

Michael is a graduate of Christendom College Graduate School of Theology where he received his Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Cum Laude) in 2018. He is currently working on a doctorate in Theology with Pontifex University and is writing a dissertation on the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Michael is the founder of Reason & Theology where he has interviewed many of the leading figures in contemporary theology. He has also appeared on EWTN, Catholic Answers, SiriusXM Radio, Radio Maria and has contributed frequently to various newspapers and websites.

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