Reviewing Mike Winger on Catholicism with Michael Lofton

Michael Lofton reviews Mike Winger’s criticisms of Roman Catholicism by showing their inconsistency and their bias. Mike Winger on Why I Can’t Be Roman Catholic:

One thought on “Reviewing Mike Winger on Catholicism with Michael Lofton

  1. Christina

    I very much enjoyed this. I am not a catholic. If anything, I’m a confused Protestant (ha ha). I’m currently engaged in the body of Christ as a universal whole where the denominations are imperfect vessels… but Christ is enough, right?

    I’ve been listening to Mike for a while but his understanding of classical Protestantism and Catholicism and his incredibly narrow view as an evangelical was throwing up warning bells.

    On the Eucharist, I ran into a video by another ministry on the Tree of Life and that idea of the bread and wine REALLY AND TRULY being Christ’s body and blood really clicked in that video, but I’m not sure it is correctly (or traditionally) realized? After watching the video, I saw Christ’s words as him saying he REALLY AND TRULY is the Tree of Life. That when Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they had eternal life – and this is who Christ is. Eat of him, abide in him, be grafted into him. Produce good fruit. Jesus is the tree of life.

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