Comments on the Channels Restoring the Faith and Rights and Duties

(WARNING: Some of these screenshots contain disturbing content and language.)

I write this post because I’m tired of being lied about by Mike from Restoring the Faith and Trad Patrick from Rights and Duties. I truly believe everyone needs to be warned about what they are doing behind the scenes. Mind you, I didn’t search these things out; instead, they were sent to me by people who were scandalized by their actions.

In the screenshots below, you will see Mike from Restoring the Faith using his personal account to publicly lie about me. One of the lies comes from the comment section on Peter Kwasniewski’s recent post, who himself rashly jumped to conclusions about me, which I wrote about here:

Here is what Mike from RTF said about me:

“He’s Opus Dei / +Barron funded. Lives in an $750/mo apartment but has a $10k studio. Message me for more.”


First, I have never been Opus Dei or Barron funded, so these are lies. Second, I once lived in a $750 apartment, but no longer do. This tells me he tried to dox me, but came up with outdated information (I would have told him of my current living situation, if he had just asked). Please note in the other screenshots the same figure on this personal account is Mike from Restoring the Faith, as I show in one of the screenshots from his YouTube videos.

Now, note the screenshot below shows an email from Mike at Restoring the Faith to myself, dated Monday, March 17th, 10:47 PM. This was a night where I received over twenty emails from Mike, many of which alerted me to his instability. In the screenshots attached, you will see he and his friend Trad Patrick, from Rights and Duties, wanted to have a video session with me. When I saw that Mike was associating with Trad Patrick, who recently did a video making wild-eyed claims about me, and constantly using the F word, I realized what kind of person I was dealing with. I rejected the video conversation and told him to come visit me in person if he wished to have a discussion. This was then followed by childish comments, to which I didn’t respond, as I thought it best to ignore him.

Next, notice the screenshots of Trad Patrick, from an account that was public at the time of the screenshots, though he made it private when he found out someone sent me screenshots of what he was saying. In these screenshots, he and others are calling black people “niggers” and posting KKK images. When Trad Patrick was made aware that I was sent these screenshots, he began to call my children racist names, since my children are mixed. Sadly, some other big names in the Traditional Catholic YouTube scene were shown these screenshots and Trad Patrick was still given a pass. I will also note, Mike from Return to tradition is a part of this group on Telegram. See the following screenshots:

I could bring more of this darkness to light, but I think this is sufficient to show these men should be avoided.

5 thoughts on “Comments on the Channels Restoring the Faith and Rights and Duties

  1. Teresa

    I am very sorry to hear you and your family have been attacked in such a way. Thank you for bringing this to light. The graphics were upsetting but needed to be seen. The type of mentality is line opposition up and shoot.
    I followed Anthony Stein from Return to Tradition daily until he chose to start doing shows with Trad Patrick. Trad Patrick is a proud fascist. At first when people started asking Anthony about Trad Patrick’s views he got defensive and wanted to know why everyone was asking him but very shortly after Anthony stopped doing his own live show and only went live with Trad Patrick who he called spicy meatballs. It was pretty disappoint ting and I asked him to take me off his mailing list.
    I am shocked at what I see in these screenshots. No words are good enough.
    I know I have had comments with Restoring the Faith. If I had agreed with him I would know him but I am pretty sure I have some videos I ordered for homeschool and later was sent a textbook I had not ordered so I contacted them telling them not to send anything else.
    I have to say this is why I stopped following virtually everyone. Through the year I followed I would comment who I would or would not listen to. I kind of started feeling led by groups.
    One last thing, I Kennedy Hall joined them one time and they basically harrassed him about his beard and he shaved it off. It was like the peer pressure of junior high kids. I just couldn’t BELIEVE that he dropped his ‘identifying feature’, for lack of a better word, just like that!
    Thank you for being the voice when others won’t speak up!

    1. Arielle

      Thank you for sharing that about feeling led by groups. I think sometimes we get caught up in following Apollos, or Paul etc. You get the drift. Need to stick my head in the Bible now and pray the rosary. Glory to Jesus Christ!

  2. Chris L

    I don’t know much about Trad Patrick but I did start listening to a couple of his videos. Apart from the profanity, he’s had at least one video with someone he’s friendly with that he’s passed off as a Catholic priest named Fr. Thomas Gierke. This priest is a heretic and schismatic, a member of the “Old Roman Catholic Church.” Apparently it’s a more trad variation of the Old Catholics. There’s nothing at all “trad” of Trad Patrick to be associating in such a way with a heretic schismatic. Trad Patrick gives off the appearance of a charlatan. It’s very unfortunate that Anthony Stine is so closely associated with this character.

  3. James

    I am very sorry that trad patrick has chosen to attack you and your family. Patrick is a horrible person. Sometimes he does cross lines that he should not cross.

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