Answering Live Chat Questions | R&T Live with Michael Lofton 03.07.20

00:00 introduction
01:33 comments on being on Catholic Answers Live again
06:32 is it prudent to buy icons from heretics?
08:20 what Bible translation do you use?
09:49 have you seen the Pine Creek vs. Trent Horn debate?
14:41 what are your thoughts about magic?
18:18 what is a good place to buy a chotki?
21:12 what is your opinion on Patriarch Kirill?
24:50 can you recommend a Horologion for laity?
29:16 should women ask for permission to leave their home?
30:35 how does material sufficiency fit with Dei Verbum?
32:28 what are your thoughts on the Assyrian Church of the East?
34:02 how bad is the situation in Ukraine for Russian Orthodoxy?
36:50 Is Scripture the highest authority according to the material sufficiency view?
44:39 what is the evidence for the assumption of Mary as an apostolic tradition?
46:34 how do you understand Numbers 31 and God commanding innocent children to be killed by Moses?
51:18 do you have any upcoming travel plans?
53:35 have you looked into the Lutheran and Catholic dialogue?
55:12 is it an infallible teaching that the Bible is inerrant?
55:35 is word for word inspiration of the Bible official Catholic teaching?
58:15 is there a complete list of the Church Fathers?
1:01:28 does the church allow for the view that the Bible contains scientific and geographic errors?
1:04:07 what are the criteria for informal membership in the church?
1:05:47 is there Biblical evidence for limbo?
1:10:39 has the creed been solemnly defined and if so how can you speak of undefined dogmas?
1:15:09 how do you identify what is in the deposit of faith?
1:18:18 how are we to understand Ephesians 5:21 and mutual submission?
1:20:00 how are we to understand Hebrews 6:4-6 and apostasy?
1:23:11 have all the propositions in Denzinger and Ott been approved by the Magisterium?
1:25:37 do those who are invincibly ignorant go to limbo?
1:28:17 are the articles of the Creed infallible at least by the Ordinary and Universal Magisterium?
1:30:42 were the keys of the kingdom given only to Peter?
1:34:13 how is the canon of scripture a secondary object of infallibility?
1:39:48 was Matthew originally written in a language other than Hebrew/Aramaic

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