R&T Live | Michael Lofton 03.05.2022

00:00 introduction
02:59 the Donation of Constantine and papal supremacy
05:01 the first ecumenical makes no mention of papal infallibility objection
06:02 none of the ecumenical councils teach papal supremacy objection
14:20 medieval forgeries
16:40 Jimmy Akin and the unanimous consent of the fathers
21:39 does a Pope who resigned still have authority?
25:33 Are Catholics Nestorians because of the Sacred Heart devotion?
28:15 is the teaching that public revelation ended with the apostles dogmatic?
33:40 are liturgical hymns and prayers infallible?
36:49 Matt Fradd in Poland
38:33 can Catholics venerate Gregory Palamas.
41:07 Is the canon a secondary object of infallibility?
41:47 what are the consequences of the War in Ukraine?
42:55 Which do you prefer: Star Trek or Star Wars?

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