COVID and the War in Ukraine

00:00 introduction
00:40 did “Pachamama idolatry” lead to COVID or the war in Ukraine?
02:40 did the Pope engage in idolatry with Pachamama?
06:55 the emotional strength of the idolatry explanation for COVID and the war.
09:19 the logical fallacy to the idolatry explanation
13:46 the consequences of the idolatry explanation
17:45 why should one be in communion with an idolater?
20:58 the development of papal infallibility and how this relates to the topic at hand
25:38 what good is the papacy if it promotes idolatry?
29:05 retracing our steps
32:30 Fr. Jason Charron’s excellent critique of Vigano
39:40 would you have Fr. James Martin on the show?
47:20 what do I think of Patriarch Kirill?
56:30 what about the claim that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist?”
59:10 will the schism in Eastern Orthodoxy be resolved with the war in Ukraine?

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