Is A Council Over a Pope? Haec Sancta in the work of Francis Sullivan

Michael Lofton considers whether a council is over a pope and addresses questions about Haec Sancta from the Council of Constance. He also examines the thought of Francis Sullivan in his work Creative Fidelity where Sullivan addresses the question.

00:00 introduction
02:10 what is Haec Sancta?
04:29 the words of Haec Sancta that seem problematic
05:52 the thought of Fr. Francis Sullivan on Haec Sancta and conciliarism
17:01 a summary of the position of Fr. Francis Sullivan on Haec Sancta
20:10 do Catholics recognize Constantinople as the second Rome?
21:32 could the pope make an April Fool’s encyclical?
22:30 are implicit canonizations infallible?
24:30 is the CD’s document on Fatima authoritative?
26:04 what is the difference between infallible and irreformable?
27:47 does the consecration of Russia by Francis prove that JPII’s consecration was insufficient?

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