Will the Consecration of Pope Francis Be Valid?

Do all of the bishops of the world need to consecrate Russia for this consecration to be valid? Does this mean the consecration of 1984 was invalid? What about Sr. Lucia who is reported to have said the bishops did not do their part in the consecration? These questions, and others, will be answered by Michael Lofton and Kevin Symonds.

Kevin’s Fatima Course: https://kevinsymonds.com/2022/03/03/a…

00:00 introduction
02:43 Kevin’s PowerPoint presentation begins
03:32 the announcement of the Holy Father
04:03 the background to the Fatima prophecy
06:40 the Holy Father is asked to consecrate Russia.
07:37 Russia spreads its errors.
08:05 the early attempts at consecration
08:34 the 1984 consecration
09:34 Objections to the 1984 consecration
13:47 Sr. Lucia on the 1984 consecration
17:19 Sr. Lucia on why there are still wars after the 84 consecration
19:15 Sr. Lucia’s letter to Fr. Robert Fox
21:00 The Mother Prioress of Carmel of Coimbra on Fr. Nicholas Gruner
21:48 two interviews with Sr. Lucia
23:42 Sr. Lucia on video talking about the consecration of Russia
25:30 did the conversion of Russia mean Russia would convert to Catholicism?
26:45 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the Message of Fatima
29:20 the present war with Ukraine and Russia
29:53 the Ukrainian Catholic bishops on the consecration of Russia.
31:17 Pope Francis and his consecration
32:10 what will happen with the consecration of Pope Francis, two options.
34:43 who will verify the consecration of Pope Francis?
37:17 Bishop Tobin on the consecration of Russia
37:57 the participation of the bishops and the Francis consecration.
38:30 the 84 consecration and the participation of bishops
39:03 the role of the laity in relation to the consecration
41:32 objections to the video footage of Sr. Lucia
44:38 the popes consecration implies the unity with the bishops
47:01 recommended reading on Fatima
52:03 what do you think about the accuracy of the CDF on Fatima?
52:44 what about the Holy Father dying in the 3rd secret?
53:36 the Orthodox bishops participation of the consecration

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