Is Putin the Champion of Christianity? | Fr. Dcn. Anthony Dragani

Is Putin the Christian Monarch? | Fr. Dcn. Anthony Dragani

00:00 introduction
2:04 Catholics who are in support of Putin
2:46 the mainstream media and its agenda
3:47 Fr. Dcn’s source of information
4:25 Bishops on Putin’s kill list?
5:12 is the media wrong about Putin?
6:01 the narrative that Putin is the champion of Christianity
8:56 does Putin want to rebuild the Soviet Union or the old Russian Empire?
10:04 the prophesy of a great Christian monarch
10:48 is Putin opposed to the values of the West?
12:40 the Russian Church’s history of being subservient to the state
13:46 was Patriarch Kirill a KGB officer?
14:30 caesaropapism in Russian Orthodoxy
15:32 the persecution of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
18:21 Russian priest arrested for preaching peace
18:52 what will happen if Russia takes over Ukraine
20:40 the source of information about Putin’s hit list
21:48 Vigano on Russia being the Third Rome
24:30 explanation of the concept of a Christian monarch?
25:45 Gay pride parades in Ukraine
29:11 is the media misleading us about the war?
30:27 why does Russia have legalized abortion when it is Orthodox?
31:35 neo-Nazis militia’s in Ukraine?
33:25 is the Putin hit list a conspiracy?
34:26 what about those who can’t trust the media and remain skeptical?
36:40 America go to war with Russia?
37:04 will the invasion of Ukraine fail?
38:25 murder of civilians?
39:53 should Ukraine join Russia over the West?
40:48 did Putin start the war?
42:35 what about the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and its perspective?
46:10 the response of Russian Orthodox outside Russia
47:55 are Ukrainian Catholics seen as “agents” of the West?
49:20 is the invasion of Ukraine because of NATO expansion?
51:50 where can we go to support and donate to Ukrainians?

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