R&T Live with Michael Lofton | Answering Your Live Questions – 03.23.22

Michael Lofton answers live chat questions on a wide array of topics!

00:00 Introduction
02:38 Who did Adam and Eve’s children marry?
04:20 How does God’s knowledge of the future work with free will?
06:37 What do you think about the Orthodox phronema?
08:02 How preterist is the Catholic Church?
10:53 Does a papal address to cardinals outweigh a papal address to the whole world?
13:45 How can I love a God who would throw me in hell for not loving him?
18:21 How can a timeless God intervene in the world?
22:05 How would you argue against the Oriental Orthodox on the papacy?
24:10 Is the dormition of Mary eligible to be a primary object of infallibility?
25:06 Can a defined doctrine be non-infallible?
26:11 Two paths
26:55 What is religious assent of intellect and will and can one dissent from it? Can one affirm same sex unions?
31:25 Does the pope have authority to appoint rulers?
32:19 What is the difference between Catholics and Lutherans on the Eucharist?
34:04 The consecration of Russia
34:40 Thoughts on Taylor Marshall on Fatima?
36:13 Did God forbid interracial marriage in the Old Testament?
37:52 Are early Pontifical Biblical Commission documents authoritative today?
40:20 Is Fatima merely a private devotion that can be rejected?
45:14 If the Orthodox are in schism then why can they receive the Eucharist in Catholic Churches?
49:00 Why does a pope appoint all bishops?
49:39 You had a big impact on my faith!
51:03 If a non-definitive teaching isn’t confirmed for hundreds of years, does that lower its weight?
52:38 How is the schism in Orthodoxy today different than with Rome?
53:37 I’ll be joining the church!
54:16 What is the status of the Old Catholic Church?
54:44 Do we have to believe Fatima?
55:19 How do you respond to the Orthodox who claim to have the original phronema?
56:45 What do you think of Eastern Catholics who reject Catholic teachings?
58:31 Why do you lean more towards Palamism than Thomism?
1:00:00 How is the dissertation going?
1:01:07 Advice for the scrupulous
1:02:27 do Muslims worship the same God as Christians?
1:03:59 Are theistic evolutionists liberal?
1:04:35 When was versus populum introduced in the liturgy?
1:05:33 What do you say to those who claim the papacy is not well testified to in the early church?
1:07:36 Chesterton or Belloc?
1:08:38 How can a pope suspend a liturgical rite?
1:11:54 What is the difference between Tradition and tradition?
1:13:11 Is Palamas a saint in Catholicism?

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