Refuting Yusha Evans on the Trinity | Michael Lofton

Michael Lofton refutes a video by Muslim apologist Yusha Evans on the doctrine of the Trinity.

00:00 Introduction
01:11 Muslim Apologists on the Trinity and the New Testament
03:50 Muslim Apologists on Christian History
06:00 If God is One, Then Why the Trinity?
07:21 1 John 5:7 on the Trinity
11:28 Dawah Towards Christians
13:25 Jesus on the Trinity
16:00 Jesus Distinguishes Himself from God
17:02 Early Church Controversies on the Trinity
18:43 False Claims about the Council of Nicaea I
21:35 Bishops from Rome at Nicaea I?
24:00 The New Testament Canon and Nicaea I
25:50 More Fiction About the Council of Nicaea I
29:07 A Christian Witness for Islam?
33:17 A Short Argument for the Trinity
37:02 Christian Representation of Islam
38:54 Q&A

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