Can Eastern Catholics Dissent from the Magisterium? | Michael Lofto

Are there some dogmas Eastern Catholics can reject? Are some things true for Latin-Rite Catholics but not for Easter-Rite Catholics? Is the filioque up for grabs in Eastern Catholicism? Michael Lofton answers these questions, and more from the Code of Canon Law of the Eastern Churches.

00:00 Introduction
00:40 A story of an Eastern Orthodox priest
01:55 Dispelling the myth
02:30 Preliminary thoughts
08:12 The papacy and the Code of Canon Law of the Eastern Churches
09:00 Dogmas for Eastern Catholics
12:13 Post-schism ecumenical councils
15:49 Catholic Doctrine for Eastern Catholics
21:05 Non-definitive teachings for Eastern Catholics
25:42 Misinformation based on a grain of truth
28:14 A book by Michael on the Magisterium?
29:02 Can a Catholic deny the infallibility of the church’s teaching authority?
33:50 Are papal encyclicals binding on Eastern Catholics?
36:03 Do Catholics deny outside the church there is no salvation?
37:11 Do Eastern Catholics have a different ecclesiology than Latin-Rite Catholics?
40:07 Is assent to the Magisterium merely something that is external and not internal?
41:52 what book on Fatima do you recommend?
42:15 How do you respond to Archbishop Zoghby?

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