Response to Ortlund’s Case Against the Papacy | Lofton, Sonna, McNabb and Heschmeyer

R&T offers a response to Gavin Ortlund’s critique of the papacy, found here:…

00:00 Introduction
03:08 Thoughts on Dr. Ortlund
04:09 Catholics appeal to development because there is little evidence for the papacy
26:34 Vatican I and the claim that the papacy was “always” known in “every” age.
43:13 Believing the papacy takes away from accountability to Scripture.
53:20 All Eastern Christians reject the papacy.
1:13:33 There is no conception of Papal succession in the New Testament
1:28:10 Scripture never details the office of the papacy
1:40:53 The pope was first among equals in the first millennium.
1:57:33 Peter alone was given the keys of the kingdom
2:08:01 James was preeminent in the Acts 15 council, not Peter.
2:20:30 Tyler McNabb on the early sources for the papacy

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