Are Catholics and Christians the SAME?! REVIEWED by Michael Lofton

Michael Lofton responds to Isaiah Saldivar who claims Catholics and Christians are not the same here:

00:00 Introduction
01:25 How to determine what Catholics believe
03:00 Catholics are Christians!
05:11 Do Catholics believe salvation is by works?
13:55 The Catholic view of baptism in relation to salvation
17:00 Was faith alone condemned at the Council of Trent?
27:00 Are the sacraments necessary for salvation?
31:30 Is prayer an act of worship?
33:40 Are Catholics guilty of necromancy?
35:00 Why do Catholics pray to saints?
37:15 The role of Mary in Catholicism?
39:55 The Catholic view of purgatory
45:30 Do Catholics believe Jesus is the only mediator between God and man?
47:00 The Catholic view of confession
53:00 The Catholic vs. Protestant canon of Scripture.

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