Defending the Papacy w/ William Albrecht

Michael Lofton and William Albrecht sit down to discuss the papacy. Both critiques from Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism are engaged.

00:00 Introduction.
02:05 How the papacy led to William’s conversion.
03:31 Do some Catholics read too much into the evidence for the papacy?
04:48 How different are Catholics and Eastern Orthodox on the papacy?
05:58 The Tome of St. Leo and Papal Supremacy.
08:33 Did Peter alone receive the keys of the kingdom?
10:00 Did the teaching and governing authority of the apostles pass to bishops?
10:55 Why does the church need a head?
11:28 Isn’t Jesus the head of the church?
12:51 Isn’t Vatican I on the papacy anachronistic and an innovation?
13:50 Nicaea II on the papacy.
14:36 The Oriental Orthodox and the papacy
15:45 Philip the papal legate at the Council of Ephesus
16:45 Multiple popes in the first millennium who taught the papacy.
18:40 Pope Leo and the annulment of canon 28 from the council of Chalcedon.
19:29 Acts 15 and papal supremacy
20:59 The Tome of Leo and ex cathedra teachings.
23:33 Is the Tome of Leo orthodox in theology?
24:49 But, what about Pope Francis?
29:10 Papal infallibility in light of Pope Honorius
34:01 Has papal infallibility only been exercised twice?
36:40 Eastern Orthodoxy, authority and the canon of Scripture.
39:58 A rival ecclesiology to the papacy in the first millennium?
44:56 What about the bad popes?
46:34 Can a pope be deposed?
53:40 About William and his channel.

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