R&T Live Q&A with Michael Lofton | 05.02.2022

Michael Lofton answers live chat questions on a wide range of topics.

00:00 Introduction
03:22 Petro Gabriel on Amoris Laetitia
04:15 What kind of a Messiah are the Jews waiting for?
06:28 What is a good introductory book to Dogmatic Theology?
06:48 Will Michael clone himself and take over Catholic Answers!
07:58 I struggle with how Catholicism is true.
09:26 Are there any Magisterial errors or reversals?
13:10 Should I get a Philosophy or Theology degree?
15:20 How can someone with supernatural faith make theological errors?
17:45 Is Pope Francis an apostate?
19:05 How can we say the Eucharist is the same Christ before and after the crucifixion?
19:35 Does a rejection of the essence and energies distinction impact your spiritual life?
20:31 Does Hebrews 4:10 support justification by faith alone?
23:18 Should the rad trads be disciplined by the clergy?
26:14 Can you multiply holy water with ordinary water?
27:54 Is interest on loans usury?
29:28 is the letter to the Buenos Aires bishops on Amoris Laetitia authoritative?
36:55 What do you think about the distinction between the ordinary and extraordinary Magisterium?
39:00 How did you make your cardboard books?
39:30 Should laity correct rad trads?
42:55 The definition of an ecumenical council for Nicaea II.
45:01 Did Photius die in communion with Rome?
42:15 How did you start out as an apologist?
46:15 Patriarchal infallibility?
48:18 Do dogs go to heaven?
48:47 The Eastern Orthodox and the canon of Scripture in light of the synod of Jerusalem
50:02 A moral conundrum
52:44 Elon Musk and nuance
54:44 When should I refrain from receiving Communion?
56:02 Who is the best Catholic apologist?
56:50 How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
57:30 What saint would you like to have a conversation with?
58:05 How do we account for God changing his mind in the Old Testament?
59:34 What do you think about the Horn and Christie debate?
1:00:00 Who was the first to deny baptismal regeneration?
1:00:45 Is it a sin to block a priest?
1:01:50 Is a recognition of baptismal regeneration necessary for a valid baptism?
1:04:10 Did the 8th ecumenical council deny the filioque?
1:05:00 If a pope made an error in a non-definitive context, would that invalidate the Catholic Church?

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