Debate Review: “Is the Society of St. Pius X Schismatic?”

Debate Review: “Is the Society of St. Pius X Schismatic?”

Michael Lofton offers a few thoughts on the Andrew Bartel vs. Jeff Cassman debate on “Is the Society of St. Pius X Schismatic?”

The debate may be found here:

Lofton’s article on the church’s changes to the liturgy:

00:00 Introduction
06:38 Bad Novus Ordo liturgies
07:19 SSPX on the Novus Ordo being harmful to souls
16:15 Liturgical novelties in the Novus Ordo?
17:30 Does the Council of Trent condemn the SSPX?
20:05 Does the SSPX say the Novus Ordo is invalid?
23:03 Does the Novus Ordo pose a risk to the faithful?
24:15 Being consistent in criticizing the Roman Rite
28:00 Can we criticize the liturgical reforms?
32:30 Unconsecrated hands handling the Eucharist?
41:15 Eucharistic abuses
44:00 SSPX refusing to worship according to the Novus Ordo
46:30 Is the Novus Ordo deficient?
53:45 Is the Novus Ordo a new rite?
56:30 Does the SSPX teach doctrinal error?
1:03:38 Did the crisis in the church start in the 1960’s?
1:07:35 Are we experiencing a new Sprint time in the church?
1:09:20 How traditional is the Tridentine Mass?
1:11:40 Is the Traditional Latin Mass an apostolic liturgy?
1:25:31 Q&A

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