Response to James White on Catholicism and Bertuzzi | Michael Lofton

Response to James White on Catholicism and Bertuzzi | Michael Lofton

Michael Lofton offers a first impression review of James White’s video on the Catholic Magisterium and Cameron Bertuzzi’s discernment of Catholicism. The original video may be found here:

Understanding the Magisterium course:

00:00 Introduction
01:55 Do Catholics have peace with God?
05:17 Is the work of Christ finished in Catholicism?
09:30 Does Pope Francis disprove papal infallibility?
11:45 Is Catholicism a hard sale in light of the current crisis?
13:00 Is Pope Francis problematic?
15:44 Has Pope Francis taught error?
19:44 Does Pope Francis believe heresy?
21:02 What do Catholics mean by teaching authority?
23:05 Is selecting a cardinal a teaching act?
27:14 Has Pope Francis impacted the church negatively?
34:55 The Catholic view of sin and imputation
36:15 James White and the “blessed man.”
37:05 Do works justify us in the Catholic view?
39:17 Romans 4 and the Catholic view of works
45:00 A Catholic view of faith alone?
56:00 Further failures to make distinctions
58:00 Is an infallible definition of mortal sin needed?
1:00:35 White appealing to what priests say for a standard of theology
1:01:17 The destruction of justification through sin
1:02:40 Does penance justify?
1:06:05 White’s deficient understanding of the Magisterium
1:11:15 Are venial sins imputed to the sinner?
1:14:00 The Catholic view of purgatory

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