The Council of Constantinople 869 Rev. Dr. Richard Price


00:00 Introduction
01:50 The historical context: what led to this council?
5:30 The condemnation of this council at that of 879-80. How did its Acts survive?
11:00 Did 879 entirely overturn 869 or only partially?
15:00 Was 869 merely disciplinary in nature or was it also a doctrinal council?
17:18 Its uniquely poor attendance. How then could it claim to be ‘ecumenical’?
27:00 Its uniquely poor attendance. How then could it claim to be ‘ecumenical’?
31:30 Later history: during the western ‘investiture conflict’ Pope Gregory VII declared it the ‘eighth ecumenical council’.
36:15 Did Photius die in the peace of the church or was 869 his final status in the eyes of Rome?
39:00 Canon 21 of the Council of Constantinople 869
42:40 Concluding remarks.
50:40 Two humans souls in Christ?
51:20 Photius at Florence and the Union of Brest
54:00 Pope Agatho at the Sixth Ecumenical Council on the papacy
59:00 The Council of Florence
1:01:00 Was the Council of Constantinople 879 accepted by Rome?
1:12:00 A comment about non-scholars judging the work of scholars.

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