Todd Friel on Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Todd Friel on Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Michael Lofton reviews Todd Friel on the Evangelicals and Catholics Together movement. The video reviewed may be found here:

The article referenced in this video about the Church Fathers and the Gospel is found here:

00:00 Introduction
2:13 Review begins
3:23 Are Catholics and Evangelicals together?
5:30 Is Martin Luther a good person to represent Evangelicals?
9:09 Is there a rift between Evangelicals and Catholics?
19:00 The problem of appealing to the five solas of the Reformation
22:00 The problem of the canon for Evangelicals
26:00 How Irenaeus refutes Protestantism
31:00 Evangelicals are not essentially Catholics
33:00 What are the essential tenants of Protestantism?
34:00 Can we really read Scripture without any presuppositions?
39:40 What does “do not be unequally yoked” mean?
41:00 Do Protestants have a false Gospel?
44:00 Imputation vs. Infusion?
45:00 Did the Church Fathers know the Gospel?
49:00 False teachers
52:00 The two questions Protestants can’t answer!
53:00 Who gets to determine who is a false teacher?
55:37 Audience Q&A

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