Live Q&A on the Magisterium | R&T Live | 06.27.2022

Live Q&A on the Magisterium | R&T Live | 06.27.2022

Michael Lofton answers questions about the Magisterium, i.e. the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 My trip to Catholic Answers
04:42 Gratitude for the Magisterium
06:44 If the Holy Spirit guides us, why do we need the Magisterium?
09:42 Must Catholics believe there was a time humans would not have died?
12:43 Who or what is the Magisterium?
15:51 If a bishop excommunicates someone, is that recognized by other bishops?
17:45 The Magisterium on evolution
22:04 Pope Francis and the Catechism on the death penalty
28:35 Should everything the pope says be recorded somewhere?
32:20 What is the studio at Catholic Answers like?
34:44 Improving the video quality at R&T
37:07 Is the unanimous consent of the fathers an act of the Magisterium?
39:00 Can you give partial assent to the Magisterium?
42:18 How is it possible for there to be levels to teaching authority?
46:34 Can a Catholic say the Gospel of James is authentic?
47:20 Can Eastern Catholics reject purgatory?
50:30 What can be done about dissenting theologians?
52:20 To what degree can Eastern Catholics disagree with Latin Rite Catholics?
53:29 Is the Magisterium circular in reasoning?
54:34 Do Catholics have to hold to the index of forbidden books?
56:26 Is there a compendium of authoritative Catholic teachings?

For Michael’s course on the Magisterium, visit:

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