The Deficiency of Protestantism on Authority w/ Michael Lofton

Michael Lofton examines the Protestant claims to authority and shows their deficiency. He also addresses some of their inconsistencies in their argumentation against Catholicism.

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Is there more theological freedom in Protestantism?
02:57 The problem of Protestantism
08:50 Lingering doctrinal disputes in Protestantism since Trent
13:40 Protestantism’s use of language
15:00 Scripture and the essentials of doctrine
17:00 Protestant arguments for the canon of Scripture
23:00 Can Protestants determine the essentials of doctrine?
26:05 Aren’t Catholics engaging in subjectivity too?
32:33 Reinventing the wheel in theology
36:00 Does Protestantism short change Catholics?
40:25 Are Protestants more dogmatic than Catholics?
41:53 The problems with both Sola Scriptura and Solo Scriptura
45:40 Why would I leave Eastern Orthodoxy for Catholicism?
49:00 Cheap shots from Eastern Orthodox at Catholics?
50:02 Do we need the magisterium to identify the church fathers?
54:15 Orthodox are going to struggle with modernity in the years to come
58:45 William Tapley’s response to Michael’s video
1:04:00 Rename this video with Taylor Marshall in the title to get more views
1:06:08 William Tapley vs. Bryan Denlinger?
1:07:25 Thoughts on Steve Skojec
1:09:49 Sola Apostolica?
1:12:37 Is it possible Pope Francis is not the pope?

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