REVIEW: Sedevacantism Debate (Cassman vs. Dimond)

Michael Lofton reviews the Jeff Cassman vs. Peter Dimond Sedevacantism debate on Matt Fradd’s Pints with Aquinas.

Sedevacantism Debate: Are John XXIII Through Francis True Popes? Jeff Cassman Vs Br. Peter Dimond:

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Initial thoughts about the debate
7:28 Problems with Cassman’s view on the papacy
10:54 The first see judged by no one and the SSPX
15:54 Peter Dimond’s “extended vacancy” of the papacy
19:15 Dimond and the man of lawlessness as the pope?
20:46 Dimond and the Pachamama accusation
23:53 Dimond and private judgement of the magisterium
30:00 Dimond, Bellarmine and Manifest Heresy
33:55 Cassman, the SSPX and the perpetuity of the papacy
37:50 Evangelii gaudium and the covenant with the Jews
43:58 Cassman on whether Pope Francis professes the true faith
47:00 Dimond on no salvation outside the church
51:24 Cassman and Marcel Lefebvre’s view on the papacy
53:20 Pope Francis on the sin of evangelization?
55:20 Short break
1:01:13 Celestine, Nestorius and judging the pope
1:07:47 Cassman disagreeing with Lefebvre
1:08:58 Cassman’s measured approach to the papacy
1:10:10 Does the SSPX reject the magisterium?
1:11:11 Dimond’s view of active participation in non-Catholic worship
1:19:22 Dimond and peaceful and universal acceptance of the pope
1:23:38 Cassman’s rejection of Pope Francis’ teaching on the Jews
1:25:32 Dimond on Florence vs. John Paul II on non-Catholic martyrs
1:35:20 Cassman and Dimond on magisterial errors
1:42:30 Did Peter err in Galatians?
1:44:52 Dimond on natural family planning
1:46:50 The absurdity of Dimond’s position
1:51:40 Misquoting Paul VI on Vatican II…again!
1:56:33 Deposing a pope?
2:00:08 John Paul II on universal salvation?
2:03:42 Live Q&A

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