Trendy Priest: “God doesn’t want us to believe in God anymore.”

At the request of several people, I am probably going to start a Satirical news website called “The Holy C” or or “The Holy Onion.” This may be my first article. I welcome your feedback.

Trendy Priest: “God doesn’t want us to believe in God anymore.”

Fr. Hippie Boomer of The Holy Flower Circle Catholic Church is in the news recently for saying “God doesn’t Want Us to Believe in God Anymore.”

On May 9th, the Holy C reached out to Fr. Boomer for an exclusive interview. The reverend declined to offer a full-length interview but did respond to a few questions via email. Here is part of the exchange:

The Holy C: “Fr. Boomer, why do you say God doesn’t want us to believe in him anymore.”

Fr. Boomer: “The world is becoming increasingly atheistic in nature, and we need to get with the times. This is why I’ve made an exhibit here on the altar at Holy Flower that protests belief in God and advocates for promoting atheism among the children. God delights in atheism – God delights in atheist men, women, non-binary people, and all of the alphabet people [the Holy C speculates that Fr. Boomer is referring to the LGBTQ community by the term “the alphabet people”]. God even delights in atheist children.”

The Holy C: “Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive to your mission as a priest in the Catholic Church?”

Fr. Boomer: “Not really. God is for the rights of all atheists, including children atheists, he/she/they/him/her/ze/zem/us wants us to firmly embrace the reality that he/she/they/him/her/ze/zem/us doesn’t exist. I firmly believe God wants us to realize that there really is no God.”

The Holy C attempted to continue the discussion but Fr. Boomer no longer responded to further questioning. The Holy C also reached out to the Diocese of Brother Sun and Sister Moon for a comment but was not given a reply within time for this publication.

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