Archbishop of Puebla’s Letter on the SSPX (English Translation)

Translation from Spanish ( Original done by Ezequiel Mateo Beccar Varela (, [in this channel you can find many videos in spanish and english refuting the many errors of the SSPX]

Puebla, May 13 of 2023


About the presence of the Fraternity of St. Pius X in Puebla

Having learned that, shortly, the consecration of a building that has been given the title of “Church of Our Lady of All Angels” will take place, in the vicinity of the municipality of San Pedro Cholula, and due to the questioning of some faithful; the Archdiocese announces that said building does not belong legally or canonically to the Archdiocese of Puebla A.R., since it has been built at the request of the so-called “Saint Pius X Priestly Fraternity” (FSSPX), founded by the schismatic bishop Marcel Lefebvre.

The Catholic Church has the duty to guard the legitimate administration of the sacraments, the guidance of the People of God and the correct preaching of the Word of the Lord, according to the will of Jesus Christ; for this reason, it also has the mission of promptly warning about any person or association that acts against the will of God, contained in the Holy Scripture, in the Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church.

Given that neither the Fraternity of Saint Pius X nor the building erected by them obediently submit to the provisions of the Holy Father, much less to the authority of the Archbishop, the faithful are asked to go to their respective parish for their spiritual attention, where the sacraments are administered lawfully and validly, in full communion with the Church and in obedience to the Pope and our Archbishop.

The sacraments administered by the ministers of the Society of Saint Pius X are illegal for three reasons:

  1. They are not celebrated in full ecclesial communion.
  2. They are administered by headless priests, that is, they are not under ecclesiastical authority. They do not obey the Pope. They do not belong to any diocese or congregation and do not have ministerial licenses issued by the Archdiocese of Puebla.
  3. Those who have joined this schismatic movement can receive the penalty established for those who commit schism.

In short, by illegally celebrating the sacraments, they tear apart the unity of the Holy Catholic Church. Regarding the newly built temple, it is important to take into account that a church cannot be built without the express knowledge of the Diocesan Bishop, given in writing, and said temple does not have that permission.

Finally, as Pope Francis points out in his letter to the Bishops of the world, to present the Motu Proprio “Traditionis custodes”: It is necessary to favor the recomposition of the schism led by the movement of Archbishop Lefebvre. For this reason, the Holy Father warned against various liturgical abuses that had the consequence of increasing distances, hardening differences and building oppositions that hurt the Church and hinder its progress, exposing it to the risk of division. Let us never forget that liturgical actions are not private actions, but celebrations of the Church, which is a sacrament of unity, and must always be carried out in communion with the Church.

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