The Speech That Shocked the World w/ Rev. Calvin Robinson

Rev. Calvin Robinson breaks down his Oxford Union speech on traditional marriage. He also addresses the problems with wokeism, the weaponization of language and pride month.

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  1. Thank You, Lord God, for Deacon Calvin and his real clear voice in the Great War between good and evil.God Bless you and Thank you, Michael, for this interview. I am a convert to the Holy Roman Catholic Church from the Anglican Church. The precipitating cause for my flight from the Episcopal Church in the early 90’s was homosexual leadership
    in the youth group and Sunday school in the Episcopal church I was attending. I would like to know/ understand how Deacon Calvin learned about The Sacred Heart of Jesus and what he thinks about Mary and Her Immaculate Conception, which is, thankfully, Dogma for me, today,
    by the Grace of God.
    As for the brief allusion to Calvinist theology in the New Anglican mix of Christian thought and belief , it was the influence of the Faith of a Bible wielding Presbyterian who made Jesus
    Christ real to me as a young teenager. O
    His mysterious Ways!

    Can’t wait until we are all One in Christ and to “see” what that will look/be like.
    Lead all souls to Heaven, Lord, especially those most in need of Thy Mercy. ❤️

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