Are you tired of all the confusion in the Catholic Church? So was I! For this reason, I decided to intensely study the Catholic Magisterium in order to discern between what people say about the Catholic Church vs. what it actually says and teaches. If you are a confused Catholic, or are discerning becoming a Catholic, Reason & Theology offers you an in-depth examination of the situation in the Catholic Church that will help make sense of the confusion. Join the Reason & Theology email list to stay up to date on all our new content, videos, courses and more!

  • Nun Sues Bishop Over Sex Scandal Accusation?

    Nun Sues Bishop Over Sex Scandal Accusation?

    A group of nuns in Arlington, Tx is suing their bishop for the removal of their abbess – who was removed for allegedly violating her vow of chastity with a priest. Read more

  • Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman REVIEW

    Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman REVIEW

    Michael Lofton gives an overview of the What Is a Woman documentary by Matt Walsh. He examines some of the arguments of the activists in the documentary and dismantles them. He then makes some interesting comparisons between Matt Walsh and Socrates. Read more

  • Will There Be Three Days of Darkness? w/ Jimmy Akin

    Will There Be Three Days of Darkness? w/ Jimmy Akin

    What is the three days of darkness? Is it a new prophecy? Is it an authentic prophecy? Is there Biblical precedent for the three days of darkness? Jimmy Akin returns to R&T to answer these questions and many more! Read more

  • Protestant Storms Catholic Pulpit and Preaches Heresy

    Protestant Storms Catholic Pulpit and Preaches Heresy

    Michael Lofton takes Ryan Foley to task for the arguments he presented in a Catholic Church when he rushed the pulpit and began to preach his protestant heresies against Catholicism. Read more

  • The Two Sides to the Same Dissenting Coin | Michael Lofton

    The Two Sides to the Same Dissenting Coin | Michael Lofton

    Michael Lofton goes over two groups in the church, namely the radical progressives and radical traditionalists, and shows that they are two sides to the same dissenting coin. He then shows where their notion of dissent came from and then offers an alternative to these two groups. Read more

  • Did Catholics Change the Ten Commandments?

    Did Catholics Change the Ten Commandments?

    Michael Lofton refutes the slanderous claim that Catholics changed the original ordering of the ten commandments. He also shows that the people who make this accusation are the very ones guilty of altering the ten commandments. Read more

What People Are Saying About R&T!

Matt Fradd (Pints with Aquinas)

“This show is Dramamine for seasick Catholics.”

Fr. Brian

“Thank you for the great work that you are doing for the Church. Your videos have been a great help to me.”

Fr. John Brown, SJ

“Thought provoking and thought purifying, R&T is a faithful lodestone for Catholics looking to navigate the complexities of our doctrine and practice.”

“I just read this, and couldn’t recommend it enough. It shares related scriptural examples of crises happening in the church today, putting things into perspective and giving hope. Michael also shares personal experiences of times he’s encountered such things. I appreciated that it didn’t shy away from the issues in the church while at the same time didn’t ‘doom and gloom’ the reader. Absolutely worth a read!” – YouTube Review

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The Catholic Church is supposed to be the witness to Christ’s teaching. Yet, it seems like many in the Church are more concerned with what the world thinks of them.

This undermines the trust of many faithful Catholics, who expect the Church to be a beacon of truth, goodness and beauty in these tumultuous times.

Some Catholics are tempted to leave the Church. Others have already left. If you fall into either of these categories (or know someone who is), then you’ll want to check out this FREE eBook “Church Chaos: Biblical Insights for Confused Catholics.


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