Are you tired of all the confusion in the Catholic Church? So was I! For this reason, I decided to intensely study the Catholic Magisterium in order to discern between what people say about the Catholic Church vs. what it actually says and teaches. If you are a confused Catholic, or are discerning becoming a Catholic, Reason & Theology offers you an in-depth examination of the situation in the Catholic Church that will help make sense of the confusion. Join the Reason & Theology email list to stay up to date on all our new content, videos, courses and more!

  • Tyler Priest on Bishop Strickland’s Removal

    Tyler Priest on Bishop Strickland’s Removal

    Statement of Fr Timothy Kelly, Pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic Church of the Diocese of Tyler, on the removal of Bishop Strickland: “I think it’s important to say that many decent good people have been hurt under his administration. Seven years ago, something dark descended upon the Diocese of Tyler. Under the direction of Bishop… Read more

  • The New Dubia on Tran$gender Issues

    The New Dubia on Tran$gender Issues

    Michael Lofton examines the new dubia response to questions on transgenderism released by the Vatican. Read more

  • Bishop Strickland Promotes Sedevacantism?

    Bishop Strickland Promotes Sedevacantism?

    Is Bishop Strickland a sedevacantist? Michael Lofton reviews a video of Bishop Strickland promoting sedevacantism and asks some very probing questions. Read more

  • English Translation of the DDF’s Dubia Response to H.E. Msgr. Jose Negri (Oct. 31, 2023)

    English Translation of the DDF’s Dubia Response to H.E. Msgr. Jose Negri (Oct. 31, 2023)

    Below is an English translation of the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith’s October 31, 2023 response to a dubia from H.E. Msgr. Jose Negri, Bishop of Santo Amaro in Brazil. The dubia response bears the signature of the Holy Father Pope Francis. H/t to Mike Lewis for this translation. See here for the… Read more

  • German Bishop Approves Blessing Same-Sex Couples

    German Bishop Approves Blessing Same-Sex Couples

    Michael Lofton addresses German Bishop Karl-Heinz Wiesemann who recently approved of blessing same-sex unions in his diocese. Michael then considers what Pope Francis’ next move may be. Read more

  • Scott Hahn: Pope John XXII Taught Heresy

    Scott Hahn: Pope John XXII Taught Heresy

    Dr. Scott Hahn recently addressed the case of Pope John XXII and he raised it as an example of papal heresy. Did Pope John XXII teach heresy? Was this an act of his magisterium? Michael Lofton reviews Dr. Hahn’s comments and then examines the case of Pope John XXII. Read more

Fr. John Brown, SJ

“Thought provoking and thought purifying, R&T is a faithful lodestone for Catholics looking to navigate the complexities of our doctrine and practice.”

“I just read this, and couldn’t recommend it enough. It shares related scriptural examples of crises happening in the church today, putting things into perspective and giving hope. Michael also shares personal experiences of times he’s encountered such things. I appreciated that it didn’t shy away from the issues in the church while at the same time didn’t ‘doom and gloom’ the reader. Absolutely worth a read!” – YouTube Review

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The Catholic Church is supposed to be the witness to Christ’s teaching. Yet, it seems like many in the Church are more concerned with what the world thinks of them.

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