Dr. Leighton Flowers and Dr. Stephen Boyce Discuss Differences in Soteriology

Dr. Leighton Flowers (Southern Baptist Provisionist) and Dr. Stephen Boyce (Reformed Calvinist) discuss soteriology in a round table format with Michael Lofton facilitating. They discuss can grace be resisted and whether Christ atoned for everyone or only the elect. ___________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: Any view expressed by a host, contributor or guest is not necessarily reflective of […]

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Dr. John Joy – Assent Owed to Non-Infallible Teachings of the Magisterium (R&T Lecture Series)

As part of the R&T Lecture Series, Dr. John Joy delivers a lecture in the scholastic disputatio style on the assent owed to non-infallible teachings of the Magisterium. Is the pope always infallible? How do we determine a teaching is not infallible? How do we determine which magisterial teaching to accept? These questions, and others, are explored by Dr. Joy. __________________________________________________________________

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Stump the Apologist

Stump the Apologist. Did Jesus allow for divorce and remarriage? Why should I become Catholic instead of Orthodox? Is evolution true? What is the Oriental Orthodox view on Catholicism?  

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Dr. Nicholas DiDonato – Science and Metaphysics

Is Theology still the queen of sciences? Does science disprove theology, religion or metaphysics? Has science made Aristotle outdated? What are the presuppositions behind the scientific method? Does science depend on philosophy? These questions, and many more, will be addressed by Dr. Nicholas DiDonato in this episode of Reason & Theology.

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Fr. Christiaan Kappes – The Companion Qu’rans

#islam #apologetics #catholic

Michael Lofton, William Albrecht and Erick Ybarra discuss The Companion Qu’rans in the Islamic tradition and the impact they have on the reliability of the transmission of the Qu’ran today.

Rev. Dr. Christiaan Kappes is the Academic Dean of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. He also has taught and teaches graduate and undergraduate theology at other institutions in the USA and internationally. He graduated with a doctorate in Liturgy (liturgiology) from Sant’Anselmo in Rome and recently defended his PhD at Thessalonik, Greece in Orthodoox theology under Archbishop Elpidoforos of American on the Essence-Energies distinction in Palamas, Gennadios Scholarios, and the Latin tradition. His most recent book is The Epiclesis Debate at the Council of Florence (ND Press, 2019) and his forthcoming title will be on Gennadios Scholarios and the Essence-Energies distinction at the Theological School of Chalki belonging to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

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