Mary as Perpetual Virgin

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Course Title: Mary as Perpetual Virgin

Course Fee: Free

Course Length: Five 1 hour lectures.

  1. 1. The Perpetual Virginity in Scripture: The Virgin’s Vow
    2. Semper Virgo in the Fathers
    3. Saint Jerome contra Helvidius: Mary’s Virginity Defended
    4. Saint Ambrose versus Bishop Bonosus: How the Church Defeated Heresy
    5. Aieparthenos: Tackling Objections to the Dogma

Course Description: In what will end up being a comprehensive mega series on the Marian Dogmas, this first series of courses will focus on the Dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. We will unveil the teaching from Scripture. Our goal is to identify whether or not the Bible gives us any indication that Mary had taken a vow of virginity. We will examine the “brothers” and “sisters” of Christ and identify their relationship to Christ. Along the way we will deal with all of the toughest objections to the teaching. We will travel through every era of Church history and identify the Fathers that held to this teaching as well as the heretics that were defeated along the way. You can expect an in depth examination of Scripture and the Fathers like never before. You will also be treated to exclusive and fresh translations (previously not available in English) from Greek and Syriac Fathers. This will be a journey into the Dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary like you’ve never experienced before. First course will run approx. 10 hours long.

About the Lecturer: William Albrecht is a Catholic Christian with a B.A. in Theology. He is an international speaker and debater. William is co-host for Reason & Theology, as well as having guest appeared on EWTN, Virgin Most Powerful Radio, and many other networks. William runs a website dedicated to the Early Church Fathers that includes unique translations, articles, commentaries, and debates on the Fathers. You can find out more about him on his website: and follow him on Reason & Theology