Luis Dizon – Do the Qur’an and Hadiths Confirm the Bible’s Authority

Does the Quran point Muslims to the Bible? Do the Hadiths direct people to the reliability of the Old and New Testaments? What did Muslims historically believe about this? Luis Dizon answers all of these questions, and more.

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Fr. Christiaan Kappes – The Companion Qu’rans

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Michael Lofton, William Albrecht and Erick Ybarra discuss The Companion Qu’rans in the Islamic tradition and the impact they have on the reliability of the transmission of the Qu’ran today.

Rev. Dr. Christiaan Kappes is the Academic Dean of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. He also has taught and teaches graduate and undergraduate theology at other institutions in the USA and internationally. He graduated with a doctorate in Liturgy (liturgiology) from Sant’Anselmo in Rome and recently defended his PhD at Thessalonik, Greece in Orthodoox theology under Archbishop Elpidoforos of American on the Essence-Energies distinction in Palamas, Gennadios Scholarios, and the Latin tradition. His most recent book is The Epiclesis Debate at the Council of Florence (ND Press, 2019) and his forthcoming title will be on Gennadios Scholarios and the Essence-Energies distinction at the Theological School of Chalki belonging to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

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Debating Jesus and Muhammad (Albrecht vs. Hussain)

Dr. Musharraf Hussain (Muslim) and William Albrecht (Catholic) debate the morality of Christianity vs. Islam on the Reason and Theology show with host Michael Lofton. Dr. Musharraf Hussain is an accomplished Islamic scholar, debater, educator, author, and scientist. He is also the translator of the highly acclaimed new fresh English translation of the Quran, the […]

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