Can a Heretical Pope Can Be Deposed?

Michael discusses the Pope Francis/Scalfari incident where he purportedly denies the deity of Christ and then discusses can a heretical pope be deposed in conjunction with examining Robert Bellarmine’s treatise on this topic.    

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Defending the Adulterer: A Marriage Allegory on the Current Crisis

Background: Christina recently discovered her husband Peter committed adultery with her friend, Sarah. She confronts Peter about it in the middle of their next marriage counseling session with Dr. Neo. Christina: Peter, I brought you here today in order to confront you, in the presence of a mediator, about what I discovered. Peter: What are […]

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Letters to Father Feelgood from a Confused Catholic

Note from the Editor: Father Feelgood recently received two letters from one of his parishioners. I received a copy of them and have included a transcription and a picture of the original letters below. Enjoy! Dear Fr. Feelgood Mercy, We haven’t spoken in a while, so I’m taking this opportunity to reestablish connection and express some […]

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Understanding and Dealing with Scrupulosity (Spiritual Stigmata)

Do you constantly worry that you have committed a moral sin? Do you often refrain from receiving Holy Communion, even though you just went to confession, because you fear you had an immoral thought between confession and the chalice? Michael Lofton addresses these and other questions by explaining how to understand and deal with scrupulosity, […]

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