Responding to Dr. Feser on the Formal Distinction

I’d like to briefly interact with a post by Dr. Edward Feser entitled Scotus on Divine Simplicity and Creation but first let me say I highly recommend Dr. Feser’s work and I also recognize he has reached a level of knowledge I will never be able to attain. With that being said, I’m a little […]

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The Difficulty of the Divided and Undivided God

Note: A PDF copy of this paper may be retrieved here: The Difficulty of the Divided and Undivided God When reading some of the great works by revered authors throughout the ages, one occasionally discovers perplexing phrases, such as the God “beyond being,”[1] who is said to be “not a thing”[2] in the corpus of […]

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Eucharistic Sacrifice (Round Table Discussion)

Michael, Craig and Erick discuss the eucharistic sacrifice from an Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic perspective and focus on protestant objections. The discussion includes interaction with the Book of Hebrews, the nature of sacrifice and the church fathers.  

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